About the Photographer

Jeff Stark

Jeffry Mckay Stark was in born in Houston and grew up out in Sugar Land. His dad is an artist and has been painting most of his life so his love for art and design started at a young age. His first dream was to become an architect, but that path guided him towards a degree in graphic design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Houston. Early on in his career, Jeff became the Art Director of Enron's in-house agency before its collapse. From that experience, he co-founded Digital Function, a UX/UI design & development firm where he has been the Design Director for over 16 years and is heavily involved in the Houston design & tech community. With a career in graphic design, it was an easy transition into photography which has become his creative outlet. His passion for photography started with capturing and documenting his travels back in 2009 on a trip to Italy. As an artist his photography provides the audience with a unique view into the environments, spaces, and the landscapes that surround him. Recently, he and his father have been collaborating on mix media projects and lives his Houston with his wife Trang.

Commission Work

Christus Spohn Hospital Shoreline in Corpus Christi | American Art Resources
  • Escape - Photography on Canvas 60 x 40
  • Coastal Scene - Photography on Paper 40 x 30

Duff & Phelps | Houston Office
  • 7 Houston Area Photographs - Large Format on Canvas